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Introducing the Easy Frugal Cookbook

Eat well for less―100 delicious, affordable recipes the whole family will love can be found in the Easy Frugal Cookbook, due out July 7.

Cover image from Easy Frugal Cookbook, which shows a salmon burger on a poppyseed bun with smashed avocado, red onion, lettuce and tomato.

Big news! Someone pinch me, because I can’t believe this is happening. My fifth cookbook will debut on July 7, 2020, and the topic is something so needed right now: easy, budget-friendly recipes.

Say hello to the Easy Frugal Cookbook. This new book from Rockridge Press features 100 recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert and they are all easy peasy.

This easy cookbook will help you whip up satisfying dishes like Crispy Coconut Drumsticks or Open-Face Turkey Sandwiches for everyone in the house for just $5. All it takes is the right recipe, a few tricks, and a little planning to make the most of your food budget.

Discover how versatile and flavorful cheap eating can be with an easy cookbook that offers:

  • Budget tricks―Recipes are sorted by estimated cost of ingredients, from $5 to $15 dollars per batch, and include tips to lower the cost of ingredients even further.
  • Shop smart―This easy cookbook includes tips about shopping efficiently and optimizing ingredients and leftovers.
  • Menu plan―A sample meal plan and shopping list will help simplify meal prep and save you money and time.

Bring the whole family to the table with an easy cookbook that makes weeknight dinners easy and affordable.

But that’s all marketing speak. One of the reasons I took on this project is because frugal living is a topic near and dear to my heart. Moreover, this cookbook is the one I needed when I was a young mother on a tight budget and when I was a 30-something single mom living on a single income and now, as a woman looking forward to the day when I can buy my own home. It’s also the cookbook for college kids, learning to feed themselves for the first time, and for those on a fixed income. It’s for everyone trying to eat well without blowing their budget.

My EASY FRUGAL COOKBOOK is available now.

I hope you love the recipes in this cookbook as much as I do!

Beatriz Garcia

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Well done! I love the budget focus of the book.

Sarah Walker Caron

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Thank you so much, Beatriz!