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Eating on a Budget

Grilled Island Chicken Recipe

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in my home office, with The Beach Boys’ Sounds Of Summer playing in the background. Outside my open windows are a brilliant blue sky, bright sunlight and the sound of laughing children. It’s enough to make you throw open your arms and yell Welcome, springtime. This is weather that just …

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Cooking with Kids: Spinach Baked Ziti Recipe

Spinach Baked Ziti combines ziti with marinara, spinach, ricotta and mozzarella for a delicious and hearty pasta dinner. Perfect for cooking with kids! Will spends so much time in the kitchen with me that sometimes it’s hard to decide what to talk about on Mondays. Sweets are always a favorite (for me, you, him …) …

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Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli Ragu

This photo doesn’t do the dish justice. I love mixing a tomato sauce with broccoli. And when it’s lightly roasted broccoli like you find in this recipe, it’s all the better. Roasting broccoli brings out a great, lightly sweet flavor in it. Will and Paige gobbled this up. (This is part of The $7 Dinner …

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