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Basic Basil Pesto Recipe

This past week was a welcome reprieve from the dreary winter days that have been a constant recently. Seeing the sun has done a lot to chase away the dread with which I have been approaching the weather. And (knock on wood) we finally had a snow-free week. I never thought I would be this …

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Hearty and Healthy: Savory Black Beans and Rice

Where have I been? There are halls to be decked (check! just need to get the tree), cards to be sent (tomorrow, I promise!) and presents to be wrapped (ahhh, soon?). But meanwhile it’s mid-December and I am swamped. I’ve been baking cookies left and right. My office is buried under press releases, press kits …

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Roasted Two Cheese Fingerling Potatoes

We love us some potatoes in this house. Whether it’s some quickly whipped up mashed potatoes, which can be a quick and versatile starch to accompany meals, or baked fries and roasted potatoes, it’s tasty stuff. In terms of types of potatoes, we are pretty open. A sampler of types of potatoes: Red potatoes are …

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Lime Guacamole

Tart lime guacamole is perfect for dipping salty chips into. It’s also great on burgers, nachos and more. Sliding my teeth into the smooth, creamy flesh of a perfectly ripe avocado reminds me of summer vacations by the beach with my grandmother. I can feel the engulfing sunshine on my arms, and the familiar give …

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