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Grilled Baby Corn

This is a no-recipe recipe! Grilled Baby Corn is a smoky, warm, tender foil-packet side dish. Try it on your grill tonight!

I’ve been admiring the baby vegetables in the produce section of my local supermarket recently and finally gave into the temptation this past week, picking up a pack of fresh baby corn.

I am all for eating locally, but for now, I must resign myself to the grocery store for vegetables. Here in New England, farm markets are still a month away from opening (and it’s still pretty chilly here, so who knows if they will open on time).

In any case, I had no idea what to do with the miniature ears of corn. But I’ve been reading a lot about grilling veggies lately and decided to try that with these. This one is pretty simple. So simple in fact I will just tell you what I did, sans recipe.

How to make grilled baby corn

First I rinsed the itty bitty baby corn ears and cut off a bit at the end where it had been taken off the stalk. I laid them in a single layer in heavy duty aluminum foil and topped them with 1 tablespoon of roughly chopped butter. Finally, I sprinkled sea salt over them and sealed the foil around the corn.

I put the little package on my preheated grill (medium heat) and let it cook for about 15 minutes.

This grilled baby corn tasted pretty good with a nice light smokey flavor offset with a slight buttery taste. Even my husband, who usually dislikes baby corn, enjoyed it.