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10 DIY Non-Scary Costumes for Girls

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your little girl? These 10 non-scary costumes for girls will make the night of fright a delight!

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When the kids and I went looking for Halloween accessories and a costume for my nine-year-old son, there were so many options for the ready-to-scare set. From bloody zombies to the scariest clowns imaginable, there was literally something for every fear. But depending on your community, your family, your school and your kids, you might not want to go the Headless Horseman route (which was, admittedly, a pretty awesome option). After a lot of negotiating (mostly because we’re headed to a strictly do-not-scare Halloween party in a few weeks), we agreed on a fierce ninja costume for him.

Are you in similar shoes?

At a school my children attended in Connecticut, there was a strict rule that kids had to wear non-scary costumes. The good news? Halloween can be loads of fun when you focus on the joy of dressing up and enjoying Halloween fun. These 10 non-scary costumes for girls are fantastic options.

10 DIY Non-Scary Halloween Costumes for Girls

  • Black Cat Costume by Artsy Momma – Just say meow! This fun cat costume is purr-fect for feline friends.
  • Queen Elsa Costume by 733 Blog – Raise your hand if you have a daughter who loved Frozen! Elsa is bound to be one of the hottest costumes for Halloween this year — make your version extra special with this DIY version.
  • Cute Halloween Hats by Fleece Fun – Have a child who isn’t so into dressing up? Then just dress up their head with one of these adorable DIY fleece hats. From cat ears to a pumpkin, your little one is bound to get a lot of awws.
  • Monster Costume by 733 Blog – Don’t be fooled by the name. This monster costume is anything but scary (think Monsters Inc … fluffy, and friendly).
  • Fall Fairy Costume by Fleece Fun – Capture the magic of autumn in this fall-hued fairy costume. The best part? The super creative DIY wand made with a pumpkin. Love!
  • Peacock Tutu by 365 Days of Crafts – Gotta love the colorful fabulousness that is a peacock … so why not whip up a peacock-inspired tutu for your little Halloween love?
  • Dorothy-Inspired Dress from the Legends of Oz by 733 Blog – Psst! If your girl is totally into Legends of Oz, then she’ll be somewhere over the rainbow (sorry, couldn’t resist!) about this sweet DIY dress.
  • Cowboy Riding a Bull by 3 Boys and a Dog – This one gets extra points for the sheer creativity of it. And sure, it’s a cowboy — but you could easily go the cowgirl route with some feminine adjustments.
  • Woodland Fairy Crown by Flour on my Face – For the whimsical girls, this woodland fairy crown would be a perfect touch to add to a woodland princess or fairy costume.
  • Peppa Pig by 733 Blog – This is an adorable costume, but what really makes me smile about this non-scary idea is the adorable pig tail detail. So sweet!

Do you have any cute non-scary costumes for girls that have worked well for your family? From a fairy princess costume to a female pirate, I’ve done a few. Share them in the comments below!

Jenny @ MyLittleMe

Monday 8th of December 2014

I'm going to have to remember this for next year. I'd love to make their costumes.


Monday 20th of October 2014

It is getting harder and harder to find a child's costume that is not gorey or suggestive. Love these ideas!


Sunday 19th of October 2014

I like the non-scary Halloween costumes best. These are some great, creative ideas!


Sunday 19th of October 2014

Yup, my favorite is the pig!!! Cute! patsy