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Snack Time: Ambrosia Apples

‘Tis the season of cookies, treats and candies, but don’t forget to dig into good-for-you snacks too like apples. This post is sponsored by Ambrosia™ apples, but all opinions are my own.

In our kitchen, there’s always fruit to snack on. Between bowls on the tables and more in the fridge, I love seeing the kids opt for something healthy when they need a light bite between meals. In summer, that means berries and melons. But come winter, we trade those for oranges, clementines, grapefruits, apples and sometimes pears.

When I was recently asked to try a relatively new type of apple, it seemed like a great opportunity since we really, really love fruit. So, of course I said yes.

Ambrosia Apples Crate

Enter Ambrosia™ apples. These apples are grown in the Wenatchee Valley in Washington state by McDougall & Sons, a family-run fruit farming company. I love family-run companies, so I loved hearing that is where these came from. So how did these apples come to be? Naturally, actually. Although many newer varieties of apples are created by purposely crossing two or more varieties, these came from a chance seedling found in an orchard in Canada. (And yes, they are non-GMO).

But let’s face it: what really matters here is how these taste. And let me tell you — we loved them.

Ambrosia Apples in Basket

These crisp, sweet apples are juicy — just the way my 7-year-old daughter Paige and I like ’em. On the sweeter side, they have a pleasant flavor that’s almost honey-ish — like a treat in fruit form. And one of the coolest things about them is that they don’t brown as quickly as other apples, so they are fantastic for snack plates and salads. I love that these are a sweet apple that doesn’t brown quickly.

But they aren’t just tasty; they are good for you too. Like other apples, these are a good source of both fiber and vitamin C — nearly 20 percent of the daily fiber recommended intake and 15 percent of the daily vitamin C recommended daily intake. What’s more is that they are heart-healthy — and are rich in flavonoids.

Ambrosia Apples with Honey

Eat them as a snack. Or cut them up and drizzle with a touch of honey (or maple or caramel). But be sure to go sparingly with any added sweetness, since these are sweet to begin with. You could also enjoy them with creamy cheeses (perhaps a slice of apple with a slice of cheese on French bread slices?).

They are also great for cooking (like in this crumble!) since they hold their shape, and are sweeter than other varieties (which means you can go light on other sweeteners).

So, where can you get these apples? Check major supermarket chains, which stock them from November to March.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

Disclosure: I was provided with samples of these apples along with compensation for creating this post. All opinions are my own.


Tuesday 29th of November 2016

Apples are awesome and Ambrosias are a bit of a favorite. The Wenatchee Valley grows so many good varieties. Nice write-up!

Amethyst Moon

Thursday 18th of December 2014

These apples look delicious! Apples are one of my favorite fruits, especially with caramel on them. Yum!


Monday 8th of December 2014

I am so into apples lately. I think it's because fruit is scare in the winter.