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7 Flavorful Cod Recipes for Dinner Tonight

Cod, a mild white fish, cooks quickly and can be used in many flavor combinations. Perfect for quick and easy dinners, these seven cod recipes are delightful.

7 Flavorful Cod Recipes for Dinner Tonight

Years ago, when my kids were very little, one of the first fish I introduced them to was cod. Readily available, inexpensive and mild in flavor, it was a good introduction into the world of fish.

What’s more is that this cold-water fish is pretty darn healthy too. Low in calories and high in nutrients, studies suggest that it’s food that promotes cardiovascular health, is beneficial for asthmatics and more.

According to World’s Healthiest Foods, a 4-ounce portion of pacific cod has 109 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B12. It also has 88 percent of the daily recommended intake of iodine. And it’s a good source of selenium and protein as well.

How to season cod

Cod is a fast-cooking, mild, tasty fish. That means its flavor is pretty adaptable. Here are some ideas on how to season cod.

For a simple cod dish, you could season it with salt and pepper and serve with lemon wedges. The salt and pepper will coax the delicate flavor out of the cod.

Other spices and herbs like paprika, ground chile, thyme and rosemary can be mixed and matched with salt and pepper to create different flavors. For instance, a ground chile like ancho mixed with salt and pepper for seasoning the cod could make a lovely fish taco filling. Serve it with lime wedges. Or you could season the cod with thyme, basil and a touch of garlic and serve it with a tomato-based sauce for a more Mediterranean take on the fish.

It’s worth noting that cod pairs beautifully with citrus (you might have noticed that lemon and lime came up a few times above!) and salty additions like capers work well with that.

With a fish that’s mild, there are so many ways you can adjust the flavor with different ingredients.

Cod recipes for dinner tonight

Here are some easy recipes for dressing up this tasty white fish. What makes these the best cod recipes? See for yourself.


Cracker Crusted Cod | Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Ready in just 20 minutes, this cod recipe is topped with a buttery cracker-parmesan cheese mixture that sounds amazing. Crunchy topping, perfectly cooked fish, quick recipe … Yes, please!

Baked Lemon Herb Cod

Baked Lemon Herb Cod | Sarah’s Cucina Bella

This recipe for rich well-seasoned cod with a simple lemony pan sauce might sound simple, and it definitely is quick and easy. But the results are mouthwateringly delicious.


Cod in White Wine Lemon Caper Sauce | Tasting Page

What pairs better than white wine, lemons and capers? It’s a flavor combination that just works. And in this dish, the creator describes the results as “crisp and clean with slightly sweet, citrus notes.” Sounds good to me!

Cod on Roasted Pepper and White Beans 3

Cod on Roasted Red Pepper and White Beans | All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

Cod is lightly seasoned with smoked paprika and then served on a bed of white beans, olives and roasted red peppers, for an easy, flavorful dish.

Easy Breaded Cod

Easy Breaded Cod | Sarah’s Cucina Bella

A flavorful, crispy breading surrounds cod filets in this quick and easy recipe for a lightly fried version of this fish. And that’s the thing about cod recipes: they are almost always quick and easy because cod cooks so fast.

Alaskan-Cod-Fettuccine Alfredo

Alaskan Cod Fettuccine Alfredo | Fearless Dining

Cod is lightly seasoned and sauteed before being flaked and tossed with a creamy, homemade alfredo sauce in this easy, kid-friendly pasta dish. Mmm.


Baked Cod with Sun-dried Tomato, Caper and Olive Tampenade | The Lemon Bowl

Cod, which is such a mild, adaptable fish, gets a big flavor boost from a topping that combines lemon, kalamata olives, caper and sun-dried tomatoes. It cooks in about 30 minutes, so this is perfect for those busy weeknights when you want a delicious, healthy dinner.


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I feel like Cod is such an East Coast fish. I can't remember the last time I saw it on a menu over here!