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18 Delicious Chicken Skillet Recipes

Forget the oven. I mean it. Instead, grab your favorite skillet, some good chicken and a few ingredients to whip up one of these delicious chicken skillet recipes — perfect for dinner tonight.

18 Delicious Chicken Skillet Recipes for Dinner Tonight

There are some phrases that come out of my mouth a lot these days. “Get in the car — quick!” is one. “Hurry!” is another. It’s a by-product of a busy, but productive life. We try to squeeze as much time as we can out of the crevices of our days, and that means we’re often hustling to make it to whatever’s next — the school bus pick up, the school program, the meeting. While it’d be nicer not to always be rushing, this isn’t all bad. Especially when we’re hustling because we lingered over breakfast or wanted to play one quick game together.

It’s not exactly the family life I imagined, but it’s great all the same. Even if it can be a little hectic at times.

With this busy life comes a need to make some bits of it more streamlined. That’s why I pack lunches at the same time in the morning, in near-identical makeups. It’s also why I arrange for soccer practices for both kids to be at the same time on the same day. And when it comes to dinners, I am all for easy dinners — ones that leave fewer items to wash, but still have big flavor. And chicken skillet recipes are perfect for that. Often one pan recipes, flavors are built layer by layer, creating delicious, different, unique dinners that are so satisfying.

Which will you try first?

Chicken Skillet Recipes with Rice

Garlicky Chicken and Green Bean Skillet_edited-1

Chicken Skillet Recipes with Pasta

Pinot Noir Chicken

More Chicken Skillet Recipes

18 Delicious Chicken Skillet Recipes for DInner Tonight


Monday 19th of September 2016

I have the same oft repeated phrases. We must be the same person.

Sarah Walker Caron

Monday 19th of September 2016