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In Our Maine Garden: Growing and Putting Up

The peas are growing! Doing a second planting of sweet peas was a gamble — it’s something we’ve never tried before and with Maine’s short growing season, there’s a chance the frost will happen before the plants can mature enough.

Still, so far so good.

The plants are growing quickly, seeking the string trellising to help them rise toward the sun. So I am cautiously hopeful we might have a second harvest.

Our tomatoes are doing great — though I always find it baffling to see leaves withering when tomatoes are thriving. We have been picking many cherry tomatoes along with a good number of slicing tomatoes and some plum tomatoes too.

It’s more than I could have imagined.

What a harvest! I have a bit more pickling to do, and Paige wants to make tomato sauce, which I haven’t done in years (and never with my own tomatoes). So we’re reaching prime putting-up stage now.

We’ve made several batches of half-sour pickles using a recipe from The Midnight Baker. I am hoping our backyard apples might produce enough for applesauce this year.

We also have a lot of carrots and beets still in the ground, along with our walla walla onions. Plus broccoli, cabbage and herbs. I do so love growing — and eating — our own food.

How’s your garden growing?


Friday 6th of September 2019

I'm so impressed with the second planting!