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31 One-Pan Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

Oh, the joys of cast iron cooking! These one-pan cast iron skillet recipes are delightful and satisfying — a perfect way to make good use of your favorite skillet.

31 One-Pan Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

Tired of having to replace my cookware every several years, I’ve started replacing my nonstick cookware with cast iron skillets. Cast iron skillets are built to last, with the right care (in other words, proper cleaning, oiling and occasional reseasoning. And while it’s an investment in the future, it’s not a big one — monetarily. Good cast iron skillets cost less than good other pans.

You can even find old cast iron in thrift stores and antique stores, clean it up, reseason it and use it. So far, I only have new cast iron, but I am open to getting some old cast iron too.

In the meantime, I am discovering how to cook in my cast iron skillet — which does have a bit of a learning curve. Cast iron can get very hot, so it’s key to heat it at a lower temperature than you would other pans. Also, I’ve had to retrain myself to only grab the panhandle when I am wearing an oven mitt. Good lessons, for sure.

As far as cooking in it, I’ve mostly made egg dishes so far — scrambled, frittatas and the like. But I am ready to branch out. So I turned to some excellent fellow bloggers to roundup this list of 31 one-pan cast iron skillet recipes — perfect for dinner anytime (but especially when you are breaking that new pan in).

What’s your favorite recipe to cook in a cast iron skillet?

One-Pan Cast Iron Skillet Recipes