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17 Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes

What will you be serving with dinner tonight? Let these air fryer vegetable recipes — 17 of them! — help you decide.

When I bought an air fryer last year, it was after much personal debate and research. I wasn’t really sure if we’d use it, or if it would work for us. So I decided to get a relatively inexpensive one in a medium size — the size of the fryers varies from small ones perfect for one or two people to big family-sized ones.

The air fryer surprised me. It did everything it was purported to do and did so without heating up the house. It ended up being a much-used item in the warmer months, for me. And a much-appreciated item for my daughter, who loved the way it prepared things like frozen mozzarella sticks.

A year later, we’ve used the air fryer for entrees, snacks and veggies. We’ve found some foods we love in there, and others that were just ok. But overall, I am so glad I bought it. It’s added a nice way to have crispy foods without excess oil.

Making Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes

One of my very favorite ways to use the air fryer is to make side dishes. Specifically, I love the crispiness it gives to vegetables.

Armed with some good, well-tested recipes, the air fryer can become your side-dish best friend. Crispy zucchini? Onion rings? Perfectly cooked Brussels sprouts? Coming right up.

Air fryers are such fascinating devices — they circulate air around food, creating a fried texture without actually frying. It’s pretty awesome.

But don’t think that the air fryer is only for breaded or battered foods. It’s not. You can make some great dishes without the coating too.

Assembling this list of 17 air fryer vegetable recipes from excellent blogs around the web was so much fun. I got to see the wide range of vegetable side dishes being created in air fryers. Hello, good food!

The only question is which recipe you’ll try first.

Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes


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