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20 Easy Cupcake Recipes

These easy cupcake recipes are perfect for anyone wanting to make a kickass cupcake without a lot of fuss.

The headlines are a blur of bad news, disturbing news and frightening news. As someone who works in journalism, I can’t ignore it or look away. It’s my job to be informed, to edit those stories, to think how we can better serve the public.

It’s times like this when having a lovely distraction is essential. And baking? Baking is a wonderful pastime that both results in tasty treats and takes your mind off other things — if only for a bit.

It’s like meditation with a bowl.

These easy cupcake recipes are the perfect way to harness that meditation. They aren’t terribly complicated. You don’t need a degree from culinary school to decorate them. They are just good, easy cupcake recipes.

When I started gathering these recipes for this roundup, I thought I was just looking for easy recipes for beginners. Ones that both my daughter, who is 12, and my mom, who doesn’t bake, could make with confidence. As it turns out though, this is a recipe roundup for all of us.

It’s for the devoted bakers.

It’s for the baker wannabes.

It’s for the beginners

It’s for the experienced.

It’s for anyone who needs a sweet treat.

It’s for anyone who needs a little distraction.

Truly, these easy cupcake recipes are for everyone. I am confident you’ll find one you want to make.

20 Easy Cupcake Recipes graphic. This shows three cupcake photos — a brown cupcake with brown frosting and a blackberry on top; a caramel colored cupcake with white frosting and a brown cupcake with brown glaze and chopped nuts.

Do you like to bake?

So enjoy. Happy baking. I hope these easy cupcake recipes are just what you were looking for.

20 Easy Cupcake Recipes


Wednesday 11th of March 2020

I do love a good cupcake!