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Recipes to Cook Chicken Thighs on the Grill

These recipes to cook chicken thighs on the grill will create juicy, flavorful dishes you’ll want to make again and again. Try one today!

This image is a combination of three photos showing different recipes using chicken thighs cooked on the grill. One shows cooked chicken thighs on a cutting board. Another shows chopped chicken thighs with fruit, onions and cilantro on a tortilla. The third shows cooked chicken thighs on a white platter with cilantro and a dipping sauce.

Since I last wrote about rising grocery costs, things have only gotten more expensive. We see it in small ways. For instance, our favored pasta sauce costs $0.25 more or the bread my daughter favors is about $0.20 more. And we see it in bigger ways too like grocery eggs being a couple of dollars more per dozen. Meat costs have also doubled in some cases.

Fortunately, it’s summer in Maine. Farmers’ markets have piles of fresh veggies and herbs at lower costs too. The prices there aren’t rising the same way the grocery store costs are. Ripening green beans, peas, beets and tomatoes abound in our kitchen garden at the local community garden. This, together, means we’re still eating well without increasing our food budget.

We’re also expanding the proteins we eat regularly. Inexpensive homemade falafel works great for lunches. Using smaller portions of our favorite fish in salads yields a satisfying meal without extra costs. And chicken thighs have been the surprise hit of the summer.

Chopped grilled chicken thighs are shown on a tortilla topped with avocado, sliced red onions and greens.

Specifically, grilled bourbon chicken thighs have become a favorite for tucking into wraps, topping salads and packing with rice and other grains.

Chicken thighs often cost less per pound — this can range from $0.50 less for the lowest quality chicken at the grocery store to several dollars less per pound from my local farmer. Every bit helps.

But more than that, they are also juicier and often more flavorful than chicken breasts. And that’s what makes them so good.

If you aren’t cooking with chicken thighs often, maybe it’s time to try them again. And this post is here to help! I’ve rounded up a collection of unique, delicious and easy recipes for chicken thighs on the grill from excellent blogs around the web. Some use bone-in chicken thighs, others use boneless skinless ones. But they are all sure to make a delightful, delicious and more wallet-friendly dinner.

Recipes to Cook Chicken Thighs on the Grill