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Eating Locally

Homemade Basil Pecan Pesto

With a warm, rich flavor, Basil Pecan Pesto is delightful on pasta, lovely on sandwiches and perfect on chicken, fish and vegetables. What a great summer sauce! There are little lessons that I learn in the garden each year. This year, my first and biggest one was to be less impatient. In my rush to …

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Blueberry Pecan Scones

Quick, easy and low-mess, these Blueberry Pecan Scones have a one-bowl preparation and bake for only 20 minutes. Why not try these for breakfast soon? Like much of the country, Maine has been in a heatwave for days. It’s meant I haven’t felt much like cooking and have avoided the kitchen. But when I stumbled …

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Homemade Strawberry Sauce

Fresh strawberries, sugar and lemon juice are all that’s needed to make a batch of this sweet strawberry sauce — perfect for spooning onto waffles, pancakes, angel food cake and more. If early summer has a flavor, it might just be strawberry. It’s the fragrant reminder of childhood treks through strawberry fields and trips to …

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How to Grow and Cook with Mint

It spreads rapidly and can take over a garden. It’s been used by humans for thousands of years. If you are curious about this herb with medicinal qualities, here’s how to grow and cook with mint. Fragrant mint reaches toward the sky when it grows, a stalk of taut leaves and refreshing aroma. Brilliantly green, …

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Tips for a Perfect Risotto

After many, many attempts, practices and creations, I have discovered how to make perfect risotto — creamy and rich — every time. And with these tips, you can too! First, though, there’s something we need to talk about: patience. Making risotto is part technique, part patience. And when you master both, you’ll risotto making technique …

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