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The Joy of a Night Out

Sitting in a dimly lit restaurant with good company, enjoying good conversation and mouthwatering food and drinks — it’s a colossal treat. A joy, even. To say that we don’t get out enough is the understatement of the century — so when I was asked to go out for a nice dinner and sample drinks …

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Lunching with Tourism Australia

Confession: Australia has never been on my must-visit list. It seemed like an awfully far distance to travel to visit a country that wasn’t that different per se. I mean, sure, they have kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef and all. But that didn’t seem like enough to travel so far for. Good thing I …

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3 Reasons to Travel to Bali

By Stefan Russel One of the reasons I fell so strong about Bali is because of the islands many faces. You can drive from one end of Bali to the other in three to four hours, but the relative short drive will take you through lively touristy beach towns and local villages where the Balinese …

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