Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Onions, Bacon and Cranberries

roasted brussels sprouts with bacon-2

On Thanksgiving, my husband cooks our turkey. It goes in the countertop rotisserie and spins around, cooking for a few hours. It’s always juicy and so flavorful, and everyone dives for it. But me? I am all about the side dishes. There’s something exciting about a table loaded with squash, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green…

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Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Cranberry Citrus Martini (and Don’t Forget the Drinks)

cranberry citrus martini-1

Confession: I’ve been known to carefully plan holiday dinners but totally forget about drinks. Usually it’s my husband who clues into the conspicuous absence of beverages. He asks me if I bought anything to serve for drinks. And my response? Usually something like “Well, there’s water!” He’s not fond of that answer. Don’t worry —…

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Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Roasted Vegetable Barley Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

roasted vegetable barley salad

One of the keys to planning a stress-free Thanksgiving lies in the planning aspect. Good planning doesn’t just center around dishes that complement each other — the dishes also should make sense in terms of timing. For instance, if you have one oven (which clearly needs to cook the turkey) and only four burners to…

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Thanksgiving Planning Tips and Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Seven years ago, I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner. Shawn and I were newly weds, and I couldn’t wait to play hostess. It was practically an obsession for me, and I wasn’t happy until I could do it. I devised an aggressive menu and tried my hardest to make it awe-worthy. In the end, the…

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A Tale of Two Thanksgivings (Thanksgiving 2010)

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we ate but didn’t feast — at least not in the fork-to-mouth sort of way. But we did feast in the beauty of our tropical surroundings. It was bliss. When we returned to Connecticut, we prepared for the other kind of feast — the traditional one had at Thanksgiving. And on…

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7 Fabulous Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Last week, someone posed a question on Twitter about what really makes Thanksgiving for you. It came from some food related source, which escapes me, but it struck me: it’s not about the turkey or the pies or anything else. It’s really about family. Thanksgiving is all about family. My family doesn’t have a set…

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