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How to Make DIY Upcycled Candy Ornaments

Turn clean old socks into adorable Christmas ornaments with this easy holiday craft: DIY Upcycled Candy Ornaments.

Upcycled Candy Ornament

You know those adorable socks you had that you loved? The ones that you only got to wear once or twice before inexplicably losing one? Well, before you toss their adorableness, use them well.

Just make sure they are clean first.

Old socks — or cute socks from the dollar store — can be upcycled into Christmas ornaments with this quick and easy tutorial.

DIY Upcycled Candy Ornaments

DIY Candy Ornament

You will need:

  • Mismatched or worn socks
  • Ribbon
  • Jar lids
  • Scissors


  1. Start by deciding which part of the (clean, washed, did I mention clean?) sock design you want to appear on your ornament. Stripes and repeating patterns work particularly well.
  2. Cut off the ribbing of the sock, if any, and then slide one jar lid into the sock opening. Keep the lid laying flat on your work surface. Move the lid down about two inches from the sock opening, making sure there is enough fabric on both sides of the lid to create the wrapper part of the candy.
  3. Use your ribbon to tie off the open end of the sock, as close to where you want the hard candy portion to begin. Pinch the opposite end of the sock, where the lid ends and tie off with ribbon here too.
  4. Cut straight across the sock, again about two inches from where you tied candy off to create the wrapper. (Note: You’ll be cutting off the foot portion here!)
  5. Use your fingers to adjust and straighten the fabric around the lid that is creating the hard candy and to shape the wrapper ends of your candy.
  6. Cut a five-inch piece of ribbon and thread it through the backside of one of the ribbons that you used to tie off the candy ornament.
  7. Hang your newest upcycled ornament from the tree and enjoy!