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In Our Maine Garden: Week 2 … Or, Hey! Something’s Growing!

We planted our gardens a few weeks back mostly from seed. In our community garden box, there were some exciting developments this week so I am sharing them in the second installment of In Our Maine Garden.

I’ve been pretty giddy about the progress in our vegetable garden this week. We rent a box in a city-run community garden, where we can grow whatever we want provided that it isn’t invasive and doesn’t exceed the limitations of the box.

Last year, we bought mostly seedlings for the garden, which is a sure thing that you’ll at least see them grow some. This year, we decided to grow mostly from seed — a prospect that both terrified me and excited me.

Since planting, I have worried that nothing would grow. I mean, sure, we had success growing radishes from seed last year. But our onions never grew at all. Fortunately, things are coming up.

On Saturday, there was a little something … tiny leaves breaking through the soil. I think these might be our lettuces.

Little ones tinged with red were clearly the beets. This was also located nearby the markers for beets, so it was a pretty good educated guess.

By Monday, our green beans had burst through the shells and were reaching toward the sun.

Little sprigs of carrot greens were visible too. I’ve tried to grow carrots before — eons ago in a garden in Connecticut. It was a giant fail. I grew the smallest carrots ever (seriously, after a summer of growing, they were barely an inch long. That was a tremendous learning experience though — Carrots need loose soil to grow well. Our garden this year has wonderfully aerated soil. Fingers crossed.

By Wednesday, the garden was coming alive. Look how much the green beans had already grown! I am hoping the netting we put in will work for their climbing needs.

Beyond what’s growing, we added the last plants to the garden this week: Three tomatoes of the cherry variety.

I’ve asked if there might be a second box available for us this season. The kids were really hoping to grow more, and that seems like a hobby worth supporting. Fingers crossed.

What’s growing in your garden this week?


Sunday 10th of June 2018

We have a school community garden spot! We planted a bit late, but are excited to see when the radishes and green beans will be coming up! Not yet!

Sarah Walker Caron

Monday 11th of June 2018

Yum! We grew radishes last year and it was so awesome to watch them grow.

Kate Dwyer

Monday 4th of June 2018

We've got carrots and cucumbers growing from seed and like you, I have my fingers crossed hoping for little green sprouts soon.