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Burgers You Don’t Need a Grill For

No grill? No problem! These recipes are for flavorful burgers you don’t need a grill for. Whip one up on your stove today!

Pictures of three burgers you don't need a grill for.

It’s easy to take for granted the ease of a gas grill. It takes seconds to start — a twist or two, a push of a button — and then minutes to heat up, not unlike your stove. Cooking is little more than, as the phrase goes, tossing something on the grill.

I miss the ease of it. And I miss cooking outside.

Last summer, I bought a cheap charcoal grill to cook on. But the process isn’t the same easy, quick one that gas affords. There’s more skillet to it — and it takes much longer to process before anything can go on the grill.

If you don’t have a grill — or if you just don’t feel like cooking on the charcoal tonight — you don’t have to skip your favorite grilled foods like burgers. In fact, armed with the right recipes you can have a flavorful, craveworthy burger without leaving your kitchen.

What do you need for this? A sturdy skillet. Cast iron is recommended. I love my cast iron grill pan for making steaks and burgers on the stove but a cast iron skillet works well too. If you don’t have that, any sturdy skillet or grill pan will work.

These are burgers you don’t need a grill for. Try these recipes, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own skillet burger creation.

Which one will you try first?

Burgers You Don't Need a Grill For