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12 Succulent Soba Noodle Recipes to Try Soon

Have soba noodles in your pantry? Pull out the bag of those nutty, distinctive noodles and try these succulent soba noodle recipes soon!

This image has a light gray marble background and shows the words "soba noodles" along with two photos of soba noodle recipes — one in progress and one completed.

In my pantry, there’s always a package of soba noodles waiting to be transformed into lunch or dinner. Often, it’s two or three packages because I love them so — and whenever I see them in the store I can’t help myself but buy more.

I’m sure you have foods like that too.

Are you familiar with soba noodles?

Soba noodles are thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat. Food Republic in 2014 called them Japan’s most underrated noodle (seriously, ramen is good but soba is worlds better). They are traditionally served in broths or with dipping sauces, but there are many ways to enjoy them.

I love the nutty flavor of soba noodles. It makes them as much as part of the recipe as any other ingredient — not just a vessel for carrying sauce to your mouth. Soba noodles are delightful in both hot and cold dishes.

Soba noodles come in bundles — typically three lined up neatly next to each other in a package. They cook very quickly too. And there’s so many ways to enjoy them.

Before you buy some, I highly recommend checking out this primer from Bon Appetit/Basically on choosing and cooking soba noodles. It’s super helpful.

Once you’ve done that, these soba noodle recipes will be waiting to make delightful lunches and dinners. Which one will you try first?

Soba Noodle Recipes