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Creamy Chowder Recipes to Warm Up Your Evening

After a long, cold day, it’s such a treat to dig into a hot bowl of creamy chowder to warm you up. These delicious chowder recipes are the perfect dinner to enjoy with your family. 

A composite image shows four bowls of chowder with a rectangle superimposed over them that says "15 creamy chowder recipes."

Most years, we start wearing coats before September ends and the first snow happens long before trick or treaters are ringing the doorbell here in Maine. But this year has been different. Although our heat has been on for about a month thanks to cool nights, the daytime has been mild.

By mild, I mean that while it’s been chilly, it hasn’t been outright cold. In other words, we’ve been making do with warm sweatshirts and sweaters and holding off on coats.

So it’s November now, and we’re only beginning to dig out our coats from our recent move. Go figure.

What about you? Have you seen milder autumn weather too?

Nonetheless, even though it’s not super cold yet, we’re so ready for comfort food season. I’m talking about steaming plates of macaroni and cheese, juicy roast chicken, and — of course — all manners of soups, stews and chilis.

Let’s not forget chowders either. Chowders are creamy and delightful. They are bowls of comfort just waiting to be enjoyed. They are the best.

I love to serve chowder with bread, hot from the oven. Homemade rustic bread, focaccia or even a good biscuit will all make this a special, extra comforting meal.

But what kind of chowder should you make? Oh, there are so many options!

Whether you are looking for a classic chowder recipe or you are looking for something new and different to try, you will find a delicious recipe that everyone will love in this list of 15 recipes. From classic corn chowder to creative bacon cauliflower chowder, there are so many wonderful flavors to choose from.

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15 Creamy Chowder Recipes