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10 Most Loved Recipes of 2019

Over the course of this past year, Sarah’s Cucina Bella published 79 fresh recipes. These are the 10 most loved recipes of 2019. When January dawned in 2019, I was awaiting the publication of my third cookbook and on deadline for my first nonfiction food history book. Over the course of the year, my fourth …

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Deviled Eggs with Gremolata

Classic appetizers like deviled eggs are a party favorite. They’re simple but elegant, and a wonderful grab and go bite. Some of the most memorable parties of my childhood were ones that I wasn’t exactly invited to. The neighbor’s Easter dinner. Another neighbor’s Fourth of July bash. I was friends with relatives of both neighbors …

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Thin Crust Pizza Dough Recipe

Make your own New York-style pizza with this thin crust pizza dough recipe. It bakes up crisp on the outside, with a lovely flavor. One of my son Will’s first favorite foods was pizza. When he was just shy of two, whenever I would ask him what he wanted for dinner, the answer was almost …

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