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Top Recipes of 2021 on Sarah’s Cucina Bella

What recipes were most popular with readers this year? Find out in this list of the top recipes of 2021 on Sarah’s Cucina Bella.

The last 12 months have been a doozy.

About half the year was centered around the home. The other half was filled with a nervous venturing back into the world that brought some pleasant surprises. If I had to name highlights of the year, it would be our epic summer road trip and seeing my kids do the things they love again as a spectator — at meets for Will and Nutcracker performances for Paige.

But rather than recap all that did — and didn’t — come to be, let us just turn to the food. Every year, I comb through the analytics on recipes published that year to find the most viewed ones to form a top recipes list. It’s a fascinating look at what people were most interested in, and how people were eating.

The following recipes were the most popular new recipes on Sarah’s Cucina Bella in 2021.

15 Top Recipes of 2021 on Sarah's Cucina Bella