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Homemade Crispy Onion Straws

Zesty, crispy onion straws are a delicious alternative to fries or onion rings. Try these as an appetizer, or on burgers for a delicious crispy addition. I’ve been making these onion straws for years. They were a favorite at a chain restaurant (which has since stopped making them — the sadness) when I was in …

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Stacked Steak Asiago Sandwiches

This quick and easy recipe for Stacked Steak Asiago Sandwiches combines sharp Asiago cheese with crispy onion straws and thin slices of seasoned sandwich steak. When I had a few sandwich steaks laying around, I didn’t want to simply cook them. Instead, I wanted to transform them … to make something a little more special. …

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Tropical Mango Salsa

As some of you may know, I have been working towards being healthier and shedding my baby weight. So far, I have lost about 23 lbs. With summer approaching I am ready to kick my loss into turbo and really look great. The program that has been working wonders for me is SparkPeople. Check it …

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Herb Cheese Mini Focaccia

Love focaccia bread? This recipe for Herb Cheese Mini Focaccia is easy to make — and so delicious too. Let me be clear about something. Until recently the only herbs I ever used came in dried form from jars. And even then, I barely paid attention to the shapes and colors of them. I suppose …

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Tropical Fried Rice

I first made this Tropical Fried Rice recipe one night when I was short on veggies but had some pineapple that really needed to be eaten. As it turns out, I love the sweet taste of fruit melded with the more salty flavors of the fried rice. Even my six-year-old stepson, who hates food in …

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Spiced Brownies Recipe

Spiced Brownies Recipe

Can we talk brownies? This spiced brownies recipe is a favorite around Valentine’s Day since it combines aphrodisiacs with a perennial favorite: Brownies!   There’s nothing like a great homemade brownie — and these are definitely great. So what is it with these brownies? Well, they have a myriad of ingredients that are thought to …

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Liquid Aphrodisiac

Liquid Aphrodisiac

This drink combines the antioxidant properties of green tea with the aphrodisiacs honey, cocoa (also has antioxidants) and ginger (a stimulant).   I’ve heard it a million times. “I don’t like the taste of water.” And with that comment off the person goes to grab a soda, juice or whatever taste it is they do …

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