CSA Day: Asian Napa Cabbage Slaw with Peanut Sauce Recipe


Waiting patiently has never been something I do particularly well … but when it comes to the CSA (that’s Community Supported Agriculture — I own a subscription for a once-a-week produce box at a local farm), I don’t mind the wait until 1 p.m. on Wednesdays. Somehow, it’s different and exciting — without driving me crazy. There’s the anticipation of what will be included this week, the excitement of picking through the box and the thrill of deciding what to make this week. Add the lovely smells of fresh basil and nature to the mix, and it’s just heavenly. This is one wait that I can handle.

This week, I was excited to see lots of potatoes and peaches in my box. My husband loves peaches, as do the kids, so when something that they all can enjoy so simply arrives, I am thrilled.

Beyond that, the possibilities for the chard, cabbages, basil and more have me bursting to get started.

Here are some ideas for this week’s produce:


Now, as for this recipe. Last week, I mentioned a Napa cabbage fail (it was braised, but not good at all). This week, I worked on a recipe for a slaw that uses the Napa raw (I love raw cabbage). It has a lovely peanut-y sauce with just a tiny hit of spiciness. Perfect for barbecue season, I served this with grilled salmon, but it would work with burgers, chicken or whatever.

Best of all? It takes just minutes to make.

What are you cooking from your CSA or garden or local farmstand this week?

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    Your timing is uncanny – I started a post on a spicy slaw just today, and just haven’t quite finished it yet. Great minds think alike!

    The peanut sauce sounds intriguingly delicious.

  2. says

    Your slaw looks very good. I have never made a sauce with peanut butter. I will have to try it when I have the Asian Napa Cabbage. I have been getting lots of corn, peas, peaches, blueberries, basil and tomatoes in my box.


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