Baked Tilapia with White Wine and Tomatoes


My kids love fish (me too! and tilapia is a collective favorite) and I try to have it as often as possible. Not only is it healthy, but it’s easy — to cook and to eat. In fact, I’ve been teaching them to use knives and with flaky fish, it’s an easy way for them to get a feel for cutting without having to do a ton of work …Win-win. The only hiccup with our fish eating is that one of my dogs is violently allergic to fish. So whenever we have it, he has to go outside and stay there until every last morsel has been cleaned up and disposed of. Thank goodness for electric fences (and needless to say, we only have fish when it’s sunny as a result … the things you have to consider). We had this Baked Tilapia with White Wine and Tomatoes recently for lunch and the kids really liked it, each murmuring about the flavor. But me? I loved it. I could have eaten a lot more of it, given the chance. The sweet tomatoes are complemented with the delicate flavor of the white wine, and the mild fish goes perfectly with it all. It’s blissful. Does your family eat a lot of fish? Another other pet owners with allergic pets? Get my recipe at Tablespoon.


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    One of my favorite things about fish is how fast it is…you really can get it on the table in 20 minutes! Mega score.

    Plus it’s delicious and can be adapted to just about any flavor. I love the sound of this tomato white wine sauce…my kind of italian-infused meal!

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