Cooking with Kids: English Muffin Pizzas

english muffin pizza

Sometimes, cooking with kids is all about teaching them measuring, mixing and knife skills. We do this a lot. The kids and I talk about the different measurements we use and measure things out together. They are often the ones to whisk-shift dry ingredients for me or to stir together whatever needs stirring. But cooking…

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Basic Beef for Bolognese, Calzones, Shepherd’s Pie and More

I love – LOVE – the ease of food that can do double duty. For instance, a roasted chicken like the one mentioned on the Everyday Food blog today can be Sunday dinner, Monday chicken tacos, Tuesday chicken and rice and Wednesday chicken salad. Talk about a blessing for a busy, harried mom — or…

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Deep Dish Pizza Dough

Homemade Deep Dish Pizza

  I was having a craving for deep dish pizza last week and decided to try making it at home. I’ve made thin crust pizza dough a few times before by hand, but have never made deep dish or used my Breadman to create the dough. I decided to do both this time. Using the…

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