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How to Make the Best Open Faced Sandwich

Classic and delicious, layering ingredients on bread or toast is delightful! Here’s how to make the best open faced sandwich.

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My grandfather favored the turkey version, layered with stuffing and gravy. He’d order it when we were on vacation, a special treat. My kids like theirs cheesy, layers of meat and sometimes vegetables finishing it off. They love when I make them, sliding a tray into the oven to melt the cheese. And I love mine with layers of smashed avocado and fried egg best. It makes a lovely breakfast but is great for lunch and dinner too.

Do you love open faced sandwiches too? Or perhaps you haven’t had one before and you are super curious? Either way, I can help.

There are so many ways to enjoy these sandwiches. Here’s how to make an unforgettable one.

What is an open faced sandwich?

First things first: What is this type of sandwich? Great question! An open faced sandwich uses only one slice of bread. Toppings — from avocado mash to cheese to veggies to meats — are layered on top of the bread. Sometimes it’s toasted. Other times not.

One restaurant locally makes a reuben as an open face sandwich and it’s divine. Another one makes a toast topped with all sorts of veggies and a touch of cheese (along with oil and vinegar — so good!). And let’s not forget that fabulous toast spot my kids and I enjoyed in New York some years back with so many sweet versions.

So an open face sandwich is similar to other sandwiches, but it uses less bread — or it’s like a layered toast. Either way, it’s delicious and satisfying.

What will I need?

At its most basic level, you will need bread and toppings. The specifics of these will depend on what recipe you will be making. Be sure to always read the recipe thoroughly before you begin making anything.

How to cook an open faced sandwich

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Do you know what sandwich you are making? Have you selected a recipe yet? Do you have a flavor profile in mind? That’s where you should start with this — only then can this really be answered.

Cooking an open faced sandwich really depends on the sandwich. For some, the toppings are served on toast. Thus, the cooking is as simple as toasting bread. For others, the sandwich might be heated under a broiler, such as to melt cheese. Other open faced sandwiches aren’t cooked at all. Your best bet is to read the instructions of the recipe you’re making thoroughly before cooking it.

How to serve

Easy! Just put your sandwich on your favorite plate. I have some adorable appetizer plates that I particularly love to serve dishes like this on. But any small luncheon or appetizer plate will do. Make sure the plate is big enough to comfortably hold the sandwich and anything you are serving with it like chips, pickles or coleslaw.

How do you eat an open faced sandwich?

Great question! And it’s one that I mentally ask every time I order a sandwich like this. Again, the answer depends on the sandwich though. Some can be picked up and eaten. Others need to be eaten with a fork and knife. You’ll know once you make it. So, ultimately, eat it in the way that makes you most comfortable.

Recipes to make the perfect open faced sandwich

Ready to get cooking? Yesss. Now you just need to decide what to make. This collection of recipes will help you create the perfect, most wonderful sandwich to enjoy.

The Best Open Faced Sandwich Recipes