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11 Sweet Recipes for Perfect Pancakes

These 11 recipes make perfect pancakes worthy of enjoying any morning — or any evening as breakfast for dinner. Oh, the delicious possibilities.

11 Sweet Recipes for Perfect Pancakes

A massive storm — the remnants of a tropical storm — swept through our area earlier this week with rain and wind. Power lines fell. Roads were blocked. Trees came tumbling down — including a tree that landed on my house. It poked holes in the porch roof, dislodged my son’s window and left my car a little … dented. It wasn’t a small tree. The branches reached high into the sky, shredding the window screen on my third floor window.

But that’s it.

No one was hurt. The car is completely drivable, though in need of repair, and the house can be fixed. We’re fine.

And as folks said how sorry they were that this happened in our new house that we’ve waited so long to find … that was the sentiment I repeated again and again. This is an inconvenience, but we’re all fine and that’s what matters.

Honestly, we were lucky. A shift in the fall pattern of the tree would have pushed it through my son’s window. As it was, the dislodged window didn’t fall on him. All of these things are ones I am grateful for. I didn’t used to have perspective like this. It’s amazing how life experiences can help you better see things for what they are.

Now, who loves pancakes?

Pancakes are a family-favorite breakfast around here. Served with fresh maple syrup and sometimes a little butter (or occasionally a specific group of toppings like the dessert-inspired pancakes below), these sweet recipes for perfect pancakes are wonderful any morning of the week — or for breakfast for dinner.

Raspberry White Chocolate Pancakes

Blueberry White Chocolate Buttermilk Pancakes

Cinnamon Pancakes with Warm Buttery Apple Topping

Banana Split Pancakes

Strawberries and Cream Pancakes

Banana Toffee Pancakes

And even more recipes for perfect pancakes!


Friday 3rd of November 2017

We're a house divided when it comes to pancakes. I like mine sweet and fluffy. My husband likes them sour and thin.