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Sarah’s Cucina Bella Weekly Meal Plan | August 31, 2018

This example of a weekly meal plan is a great place to start for thinking ahead to dinners. Adapt it however you like to fit your family’s tastes.

Weekly Meal Plan - August 31, 2018 - Sarah's Cucina Bella

Before I regularly meal planned, I wondered how folks could decide on Saturday what they’d feel like eating on Wednesday. It seemed like the biggest gamble — or perhaps a clairvoyance about the future. But time, age and a desire to actually eat well at home taught me that meal planning is less like looking into a crystal ball and more like providing yourself with the tools you need for an easier week.

Seriously, now that my kids are getting older and busier, anything that can make dinnertime less stressful is a welcome thing.

School, for us, starts on Tuesday, so what better time than now to get back into the swing of meal planning. And while I am at it, why not start publishing meal plans to hopefully help others get planning too?

This meal plan was created with this coming week in mind — a long weekend, a busy day on Tuesday and a need to fill lunch boxes all well. If that describes you, then I hope you love this. Will this be our meal plan for the week? Some of it. But I also have some deadlines that will dictate some of what we eat too.

Do you meal plan regularly? How do you structure your meal plans?



Taco Burger Recipe



  • Leftovers! You probably have some kabobs, farro salad and marinated chicken in the fridge.
  • Veggie plate – we love fresh grape or cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrot sticks




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