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18 Air Fryer Chicken Recipes to Delight Your Tastebuds

Air fryers are a great tool for creating healthier versions of comfort foods. These 18 air fryer chicken recipes are a great place to start.

Over the holidays, I reorganized our kitchen. Cabinets that once contained spices are now holding baking supplies. The overflowing junk drawer was emptied. I sorted the contents and reordered them in other places. That drawer became the spice drawer.

Then, finally, my daughter and I cleared the last two cabinets and reordered them, placing the items we use the most nearest to where we cook with them. Lesser used items didn’t get the prime real estate.

That’s how my air fryer ended up in an easy-to-reach spot where I can hoist it from whenever the mood strikes.

Turns out, I love using my air fryer. From vegetables to appetizers to crispy chicken, it does a great job of simulating a fryer without all the oil.

Plus, it’s so easy to use and clean. That’s a big plus.

If you aren’t yet using your air fryer to make delightful chicken dishes, now is your change. With these 18 air fryer chicken recipes, you can create a range of dishes with unique, delightful and delicious flavors.

Which will you try first?

Air Fryer Chicken Recipes