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41 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Fuel Your Morning

What are you eating in the morning? Armed with these healthy breakfast recipes, you’ll have a bevy of nutritious options ready to enjoy.

This image is a composite of three healthy breakfast images — a green smoothie with a strawberry on the glass, a plate of white, red and black grape and an avocado on a cutting board.

Overnight, as you sleep, you are fasting. You aren’t eating, aren’t hydrating. Your body is at rest.

When you wake, your body is in motion. It’s carrying you from bed to bathroom and into your day. And after a nighttime of fasting, your body needs to be fueled.

That’s where breakfast comes in. It even says it in the name.

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the meal with which we break our fast. It fuels our minds and revs up our metabolism. Indeed, it’s important.

But why do so many skip it or overlook it?

For many years, I could be counted among those who didn’t do breakfast. It was too early to eat. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t ready. I had all the excuses for skipping the meal.

Those were just excuses. I didn’t have any good reasons for it. And I was wrong.

(If you are interested in some of the research behind why breakfast is so important and how it’s linked to healthy outcomes, the BBC has a great story on it.)

These days, I am all about the good, balanced breakfast. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have even noticed my affinity for breakfasts. I love filling my plate with a mix of foods — fruits, fats, grains, vegetables. And it keeps me feeling good all the way to lunchtime.

Are you seeking some ideas to better fuel your mornings? These healthy breakfast recipes will help you start your day off right.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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