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Easy Throw Together Dinners for Back to School

With these easy throw together dinners for back to school, the evening meal will be on the table in no time.

A photo of vegetables and gnocchi on a sheet pan is shown next to a photo of a teriyaki salmon rice bowl with avocado and pickled radishes. The words "easy throw together dinners" appear below the foods.

When school let out in June, it felt like summer was endlessly stretched before us — all warmth and sunshine, fun and freedom. Back then, it felt like our August trip was eons away and returning to school even farther.

But here we are, the first few days of school already behind us.

We’ve swam, hiked and sunned. We’ve seen Shakespeare in the park, met friends for fun and waited for our lunch from food trucks. It was a good summer filled with so much fun.

On the other side of that August vacation, it’s time to refocus our days. Mornings are a whole lot earlier. Lunches need more planning. And dinners! Well, those need planning and preparation too.

And let’s be real here: We’re going to need a lot of easy dinners. Ones that can be thrown together effortlessly, preferably.

This list of dinners fits the bill. They are flavorful and varied, creative and craveworthy. And best of all, they are easy. When you need throw together dinners, remember this list. It’s here waiting for you.

Easy Throw Together Dinners