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Make Tonight Pasta Night at Your House

What’s for dinner? Pasta is always a good choice and with these pasta night recipes you can whip up a fun, creative or comforting dish.

For my daughter’s third birthday, I planned a pasta extravaganza. Sausage Bolognese, Macaroni and Cheese and … I don’t remember what the third was. But it was epic and she loved every bite.

Fast forward more than a dozen years and pasta is still a favorite in our house. It’s quick and easy. It can be customized in so many ways. And when you are feeding a crowd, it’s so simple to scale up. Plus pasta is one of those pantry ingredients we always keep handy.

From baked stuffed shells to pastas tossed with shrimp to ones served with creative sauces like spinach pesto, there are so many options that can make tonight a dynamite pasta night at your house.

Try These Pasta Night Recipes

From baked pastas to sauces to one-pot pastas to stovetop pastas, there are so many options to enjoy pasta night tonight with these flavorful recipes from Sarah's Cucina Bella.

Baked Pastas

These pastas are finished off in the oven to divine results.

Pasta Sauces

Whip up a batch of these divine sauces to eat with your favorite pastas.

One-Pot Pasta

All you need is one pot to make these quick and easy pasta recipes.

More Great Pasta Recipes

It takes a few more steps to make these flavorful pasta recipes, but it's totally worth it.