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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

What’s hitting your table this holiday? Let the Sarah’s Cucina Bella Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe Guide help you plan.

A composite image with an orange and yellow leaf background is shown. In the image are three dishes: cranberry sauce, sliced turkey and brussels sprouts.

When you run a site like Sarah’s Cucina Bella for 18 years, you write a lot of recipes, dinner plans and advice for cooking. Since 2005, this site has been a place to find quick and easy recipes for all occasions. And it’s also been a place where I have poured much attention into the making and serving of Thanksgiving dinner. From turkey (and turkey alternatives) to gravy to potatoes to sides, I have created recipes for a bit of everything.

But what I haven’t done is compile it all in one place.

That’s where this Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe Guide comes in. I’ve pulled together options for so many favorites that can be mixed and matched for your perfect Thanksgiving meal — whether it’s ultra traditional, quick and easy or Thanksgiving flavors reimagined.

To use this guide, I would recommend scrolling through with a pen and paper handy. Make note of the recipes that catch your eye. Then hone, mix and craft your perfect menu. Don’t forget to include those family must-have dishes from your own traditions too.

If you are cooking Thanksgiving for the first time, don’t panic. The key to success is keeping it simple. Choose a few dishes — maybe three or four. Test run them, if you can. And then when you plan for Thanksgiving, plan around how long they take to cook.

Now, onto the recipes.

Looking for appetizer recipes? That will be in a separate guide coming soon. Also, is there a category of dish missing from this guide? Let me know in the comments and I will add it!

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

The Turkey

Turkey is the standard Thanksgiving main course. But there are so many ways to make it. Here are a few options.

Turkey Alternatives

Sure, turkey is the classic Thanksgiving main course, but it's not your only option. Here are some other Thanksgiving main course ideas.


Potatoes for the Occasion

Mashed potatoes are the classic, but there are so many ways to enjoy potatoes on Thanksgiving.

Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans

Green beans are a traditional Thanksgiving side dish. My family has never been into the ubiquitous casserole (check the Betty Crocker website for that recipe!) though so we make green bean dishes in a lot of different ways.


Another traditional Thanksgiving side dish, carrots can take on many delicious forms.


With squash in season, it's no surprise that it hits a lot of Thanksgiving tables. Here's a few delicious ways to make it.

Brussels Sprouts

Dressing (or Stuffing)

Is it dressing? Stuffing? Though I never stuff it into the bird, it's always stuffing in my house.

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce is a must for Thanksgiving tables. Here are a few ways to make it.